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Sunday, 10 December 2017

What is happening now?

Monday Dec 11th is the beginning of Week 12 - the last week of term.
Hand-in is Jan 5th so you have the Winter Holidays to continue to work on your hand-in work if you choose.

Hopal and I are busy getting feedback to you on drafts. Our aim is to have it all back by Friday. If you have questions, now is the time to give a quick skype call to ask them.

In the new year we have hand-in on Jan 5th the oral presentations for Module Threes later in the month.

You will receive your grade for the work you hand-in on Jan. 5th at the end of January. The grade will also indicate if you have passed the Module.

The new term (and next module) for those of you on Module One and Two will beginning at the beginning of February. Check the academic calendar on UniHub (or in past blog post of mine) for exact dates. Make a note of induction and welcome back skype at the end of January that you might like to attend.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Sunday am conversations

Some great joined-up conversations in the first skype discussion group today.

We broadly talked about Transitions within our career, within our learning in different roles, Discipline and motivation of dancers in the studio, the psychology of dancers and how mental health may impact in the studio and the notion of ‘flavour’ in addition to ‘technique’ in the dance class.

What was great was the way that all of the individual conversations linked together, informed each other, made up the bigger picture of the discussion today – connections.

This MA enjoys just that basis – that we see things in connection with one another. While it is valid and necessary to discuss things separately at times, we aim through the lens of this MA, to build the discussions around the relationship between things rather than try to ‘fix’ them in any single identity.

Barbara, Brandon, Elissavet and Agata were all part of this conversation and will blog they reflections of what areas, ideas, connections were revealed for them…

Barbara Olyus

Brandon Sears

Agata Lawniczak


Read and comment below to extend these conversations!

Monday, 27 November 2017

First Sunday Discussion Group and Student Rep info.

December 3rd we will have our First Sunday Discussion Groups
11am (time in London)
5pm (time in London)

Please comment below to indicate which one you will attend and suggest topics for discussion.

Also please note J Davis Hobdy is your MAPP student representative. We are looking for a second representative - keep him company! This would be starting from December 2017 so if you are a Module One or Module Two student please let us know if you would like to do this. It involves being available and asking students for their thoughts about the course, how we can support the course. There is a skype Student Voice meeting you would be asked to attend in February each year. This is part of our move to being wholly in the Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries from being partly in Work Based Learning.

Speak to you all soon.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Dates and Days - Comment on a blog day !!

Dates to remember
Next group Skype discussion - December 3rd 2017 
(look out for sign-up post on my blog to sign-up).

Symposium  February 24th 2018 (look out for info.  in the coming weeks)

Fun thing to do ... Comment on a blog - visit someone you have not visited before day!!
Here are some - add your below in comments too.


Katherine Bates

Garry Clarke

Hannah Jackson

Rebecca Kirten

Jane Syder

Emma Beach

Agata Lawniczak

George Kirkham

Laura Dudman

Parimala Hansoge

Emma Millward

Brandon Sears

Raymond Chai

Becky Jones

Maïté Margues

Alice Forde

Davis J Hobdy

Sam Pickering

Lizzie Rowden

Michelle Rasdall

Kirsty Searle

Jo Roots

Parimala Hansoge

Barbara Olyus

George Kirkham

Monday, 20 November 2017

One Dance UK Conferences in London

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-        Do you teach GCSE Dance? Don’t miss the chance to explore @jamescousinscompany’s ‘Within Her Eyes’, part of the GCSE Dance Anthology, with James himself at #OneDanceUK’s Dance Teaching and Participation Conference. Book now: #ODUKConfSeason