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Saturday, 21 October 2017

UP DATE: Adesola's and Helen's emails

My Middlesex email account is having some issues. Please skype me if you want to talk over the coming week. This seems to be the same for Helen's emails too.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Module Two - thoughts and fields

We would like to hear what ideas people on Module Two are playing with in terms of inquiry. Please comment below with a summary of what area and ethical frameworks and questions you are  looking at.

Monday, 9 October 2017

Liz Lerman

Watch the MAPP Youtube channel

Professional Practice Dance and Movement MDX

For live streaming of Liz Lerman's talk today at 6pm. 

Experience and truth and critical thinking

Friday we had an impromptu skype chat. We continued on our discussion about aspects of practice but took steps ‘out’ to critically look at our own assumptions and discourses as we discussed. The Skype discussion groups are most useful for this as they allow you to practice the critical reflection and thinking-feeling that the course is asking you to develop (to MA level standards). We confirmed how the AOLs are critical reflections on your past experiences through looking at how past experiences have shaped your ideas and also how these ideas link to existing literature.

How do you ‘know’ some thing is true (for you). The AOLs ask you to look at your past career to see where you learnt your foundation of practice – where you learnt from experiences. Keep remembering this across the whole course.

For instance: Chelsie ‘knows’ that having a cultural context to her teaching of Dance Hall is an important part of her teaching practice – students need to understand the cultural background of the movement not just do the movement. There is literature that discusses this idea she can draw on. But how does she ‘know’ this? Thinking back this idea started to be something she learnt from when she was performing in China and realised her understanding of the movement she was performing was not at a level where she could really understand the movement itself: she noticed her own lack of cultural context made the movement she was doing incomplete. So, this learning was the seed of informing her practice/curriculum development of her classes today. The literature she finds around this helps her also give further context to learning as she sees what other practitioners have approached this idea and where her own innate understanding and values sit in the larger field of this topic.

Of course, across all the Modules you are doing this triangulation of experience-data, personal reflection, and literature.

So to set the cat amongst the pigeons what do you think of truth. The framework of this course sees ‘truth’ as constructed but does this mean anything goes? This Ted Talk is really interesting in terms of exploring this.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

People Dancing Conference notes

Last week I was at the People Dancing: Foundation for community dance conference

I went to a session on Older People Dancing: Perspectives on creative practice.
The some of the artists  people talking on this panel have been doing work with older people and multi-generational work for 29 /30 years! There is such a rich history to find out about. Fergus Early spoke about the range of training, performance, and facilitation of dance for older people (and multigenerational groups)his company engages in - I used to work with him in his company Green Candle Dance Company.

Vina Oberlander talked about the work she has been doing making work for people with dementia. The project she talked about was Curious Shoes.

Lorna Murray talked about the work Scottish Ballet are doing with older peoples classes and performance. Rachel Bar spoke about work Canada National Ballet is doing in Canada. Because Canada is so big they are running classes with dance teacher leading from class over internet. Exploring what this means and can offer.

Carrie Washington talked about her recent project Ignite

MAPP Induction (Part two)

On Tuesday October 10th 5pm we have the MAPP Module One induction (Part Two).
This Part Two of the Induction is for you now you have read the handbooks and experienced starting a bit... We will talk about AOLs, Blogs, Skype, reflective journals sessions and another bits you would like to share.This second Part is because you have have context to what we were saying in the initial Part One Induction.

Please comment on this blog post if you will be attending. We will be calling the people who comment here. If you are skype with someone make sure it is clear whose Skype you will using to join-in.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Friday Group Skype -

Lizzy missed the group skype Sunday :(
We are having an impromptu skype on Friday October 6th at 5:30pm
Please comment below if you would like to attend.